Heavy Lift Company «Push-Pull Project»

Heavy Lift Company «Push-Pull Project»
Rigging and Assembly company «PULL-PUSH»

We specialize in performing rigging operations with industrial equipment in cramped conditions and large projects for relocation and installation of production lines of enterprises
Complex of services for plants in the field of maintenance of production facilities. Industrial service of enterprises. Industrial service for manufacturing.
Industrial rigging works
Installation of machine tools, industrial equipment and process lines
Rent of hydraulic gantry complexes (cranes) from 60 to 1100 tons

Tons of advantages

We do not impose additional conditions on clients when providing services. The principle of everything "turnkey"!
We value our customers and respect their choice! Do you want to order a specific service? We will provide you just what you need!
We sell real services at real prices!
We do not sell advertising and does not deal with mediation. We have more than 20 installers and our own equipment!
We provide a full range of installation and rigging services.

Tens of thousands of tons.
From project to "ribbons"

Loading and unloading operations,
transportation of machines,
the relocation of factories,
rigging of industrial equipment,
project cargo delivery,
production of foundations and unique equipment.
218 completed
What we do best:

Long-term projects for receiving large quantities of equipment during the modernization and launch of new plants in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. We will think over optimal logistics schemes, taking into account the available storage space and the needs in the order of delivery for installation. In case of failure to deliver construction projects for installation, we will urgently help you find premises or open areas for temporary storage. We organize transport delivery from SVH to the installation site. We conduct projects from six months to several years. Geography doesn't matter. Tens of thousands of tons are ready to serve from the project to the "ribbon": starting from the first delivery and ending with the commissioning of equipment with the possibility of further maintenance.

What we do best:
Special advantage
Special advantage

High safety at all stages of work. Experienced team of engineers and technical staff. A wide range of our own rigging equipment and installation equipment. Providing lifting mechanisms from 1 to 1000 tons, regardless of geography. Multi-axis transportation of large And heavy cargo (KTG). Installation of engineering systems and communications. Commissioning and service. Supply of industrial equipment and machine tools. Development of non-standardized equipment and accessories. Favorable terms of cooperation.

Rigging equipment and systems

Advanced rigging technologies for ultra-high quality under unique conditions
The most impressive of our projects
Installation of the largest aquarium in Europe. Installation of machines and industrial lines of more than 5000 tons at the enterprise under construction. Moving the plant "turnkey" with the existing machine Park of 1500 tons.
Successful rigging "cases"
Thanks to our vast experience, we have created packages of the most relevant integrated rigging solutions.
allow us to dominate in the chosen direction of activity
Geography of our works - all over the world
Provision of lifting mechanisms from 1 to 1000 tons, regardless of geography.
Delivery of the Hydraulic portal system is carried out within the country and abroad.